2017 Part 2 ~ My Christmas Boy

Although the boys will not wear hair accessories, in fact, some accessories are specially designed for boys. 

Regardless of the gift, it is suitable for personal use.

After our investigation, the following is a recommendation for everyone. 

Top 3 must buy a boy's cold hat.

A new and cool Christmas New Year first.

The weather in Hong Kong is relatively wet and the weather is cold. 

WE also hope to keep a small male BB with a cold hat to keep warm.

But if you choose a cold cap, we need to pay attention to it. Whether the texture of the cold woven fabric is soft or not, 

it has to be breathable. Although there are different cold caps on the enamel surface, it is very cute.

But what we have been talking about is not only beautiful, but also very comfortable.

Top 1 )  Raco Knit Cap

The fur ball is very soft and has a Christmas atmosphere. The interweaving design 

makes the cold fabric material have a large air permeability.

Gray / light brown is easier to carry, easy to match.

A simple Top Plus jacket is very cute.



Top 2 ) Scott Knit Hat

The apex-type cold hat is loved by many mothers every winter. It is also easy to match with some BBs with larger heads.

The tip top part can make the entire head shape look a little higher. Very cute.

This year, the four-grid pattern is a hot style. The dark and light baskets create a very three-dimensional feeling. awesome !



Top 3 ) Honey Bee Knit Cap

For the BB with a relatively thin head, the cold cap of the head type is relatively suitable, and you can also consider choosing some cold caps that are thinner.

  ~ Peak nest design, because it is not rough woven and selected soft materials, BB does not feel hot when worn.

Of course, the boys have to choose the basket color series, which is more stylish. The small cold ball is very Christmas.



If you give a gift to a friend, Baby Boy, if you have more than six months, the cold hat is a good choice, enough to keep warm and easy to match.

The size can be divided into: 44 (0-3 months), 46 (3-6 months), 48 (6-12 months)

The size of the cold cap is designed to match the softness of the material itself.

Most of the newborn BB should choose a softer cold cap. Mom should also pay attention

 to whether the BB itself has skin sensitivity, so you can choose the cute cold cap of the right Baby.

Christmas Look !!! Mix & Match be my unique Christmas outlook !

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