Baby Kids Fashion | 2020-09-25

FW 2017 Cardigan


Stepping into the autumn and winter season, We seeking a unique coats for beloved baby .

The weather in Hong Kong has always been relatively wet. 

Even in the fall, it will be afraid that Baby will feel hot when wearing a coat.

Here is a series of small coats that are not too thick and have a unique design.

This autumn and winter can be changed again.


1) Inter-small jacket: The texture is soft, the texture is more breathable, 

and you can choose the matching flower collar or round neck top.


2) Lace Sleeve Jacket: A mother who likes cute looks must also like this little sleeve with lace sleeves.

The jacket is a cold-woven material with a breathable hole. The design is wider and wider.

 It can be used as a Jacket at the same time as a jacket. It is very versatile.

Main color: pink, brown, the most easy to match color


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