SOBBLE - Premium Baby Spa Collection

Sobble is the Korean No. 1 Cushion baby bath tub manufacturer who has world first advanced technology. 

Sobble's medical grade PU material products provide babies perfect safety and excellent comfort like mom's embrace. 

We are happy to introduce the Sobble - premium baby spa collection to our beloved babies. 


Sobble - So adorable, So Comfortable, so lovely soft bubble

Simple but Unique - AngelB. 

AngleB. - is one of brand under Babiz Korea, The highest quality cotton fabric with signature colour patten : Black + Ivory + Big Dots 

The Seasonal design crossover with designers over the world. 

Let's enjoy a show :) 


Babiz Korea - 


Angelb. is a Korean childbirth and baby products brand which has a wide range of products to offer, including newborn baby goods, bedding, clothing and accessories. Their products are customized for babies and their living environment, supporting and encouraging positive development. Through their simple and modern designs, Angelb. promotes a fun and playful growth lifestyle, and their products are made to guide babies in their first 48 months.


Angelb.’s designs are characterized by sensual styles and colors that reflect the baby’s joy and happiness. Some of their designs also feature a simplistic black and white color scheme, expressing the innocence and purity of newborns. Their products are made using soft materials such as cotton for the safety and comfort of the baby, providing warmth and protection.

More about Babiz brands products go to : AngelB.


Sugar Bibs 

LaYan Kids CluB - 2016 - New Brand joined :)
It began a year ago, when our most beloved one was celebrate her 6 months birthday. Sugar Bibs was made with mother's love and father's care to ensure the cleanliness yet stylish of our little one. 
From then, it is such a privilege to share our experience to all happiest parents around us. And Sugar Bibs success to give sweetness for their little one. 
And NOW, wer are so much ready and delighted to spread this wonderful story for you and your sweet one.
                                                                                           By Love, 


Bene Bene is a Korean designer clothing brand for young children. They believe in maintaining a high standard of quality in their designs, with a degree of sophistication. However, knowing that children grow out of their clothes easily, the brand has aimed to keep their products at reasonable prices. Bene Bene’s clothes have a unique style, with a mixture of Eastern origin and Western inspiration.



Bene Bene’s designs involve comfy shapes, made using quality fabrics to ensure the comfort of the child. Their styles are classy and modern, while also allowing the freedom to move around with ease, perfect for young children who like to move around while looking adorable and stylish.

Happy Prince 

We have a really great feedback from customer of Happy Prince products. That all unique, stylish baby accessories you can in find in here. Since 2014, Happy Prince is our Top ONE brand till now. 
We are always honour to be with Happy Prince :)