We enjoy and have great passions on exloring the potential brands with

High quality and Unique style Kids Fashion to all loving mothers in the world.


In LaYan Kids CluB, you can find pretty, cool, cute, vintage kids/baby fashion 

and accessories with high quality to your children. 


We have strong networks and relationships with the best suppliers of children fashion, thus 

We have first-hand information of the bestselling brands with the highest quality.


All products are directly imported from brand's owners and we strive to further explore 

more potential brands with high quality and reasonable price to our customers. 

We are aim to share love and care from loving mothers. 

Our charity activities to share love from you spent for beloved kids. 


We hope that you can share our Happiness and Love by shopping at LaYan Kids CluB!


Our Brands Group Partners


Our Partners from various countries :

South Korea / Australia / Poland / Bails / New Zealand / France 

Main Brands of Baby/Kids Clothes and Accessories: 

- Kids Clara, AngelB., Mothersbaby, Sobble, Benebene, Sugar Bibs, OhBoeys, A & P Moccs, Little Mary, Alimrose, the little dogs laughed, the knitting room hk



(We are the Authorised Retailers / Sole Distributor in Hong Kong for the above brands)