Poppik Stickers Book | 2021-06-26



The concept

Discover the exclusive concept that makes our success: large posters to complete with dozens of repositionable stickers. For everyone, from 5 years old.

Say, what is a Poppik?

Poppik is a new creative activity called “sticker art”, the art of creating with stickers.

A Poppik is a poster or cards to be made with tens, hundreds or thousands of stickers to stick on a decoration. By following the instructions, we stick various stickers on the locations so as to gradually reconstitute a giant and colorful image. The process is very simple, the result amazing!

Thanks WHO ? Thanks Poppik!

A Poppik can be done alone or with others

You choose, but if you want to do it alone, quickly hide!

As soon as you open the pocket of your Poppik, unfold the poster or the cards, take out the boards of stickers or stickers… all the generations come together to glue the small colored shapes.

Poppik is a creative, fun, easy to share activity that will keep young and old in a good mood.

Is there an age to make a Poppik?

We are categorical, there is no age for Poppik!

Posters, Cards, stickers, stickers, Poppik is available for all ages and in all situations.

2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12… on each pouch of Poppik you will find the age indicated. The difficulty of the activity has been adapted: sizes, variety and number of stickers, size and complexity of posters.

Thanks to the variety of graphic styles, Poppik is suitable for everyone: girls and boys, teens and adults.

You will inevitably find a suitable Poppik in one of our collections.

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