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Poppik Stickers Art - 7 amazing benefits of manual activities (for children)

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POPPIK - Stickers Art - 7 amazing benefits of manual activities (for children)

The benefits of manual activities on children's brains are numerous: this is the reason why school teachers offer so many! What could be more fulfilling than using your hands as a creative tool?

If you think your kids are smartly spending their time coloring, doing sticker activities , building 3D objects , making jewelry or making pottery… well you are right!

Here are 8 good reasons to indulge in creative hobbies more often.

# 1. Make your brain work

Whether it is knitting, painting or tinkering, we consider that dedicating a few minutes a day to his manual activity is a “brain maintenance”, because we call on his skill, his technical knowledge or his creativity (and sometimes the 3 in. same time). Our five senses are stimulated, and motor skills are strengthened. For children, some activities even allow them to develop specific skills: building paper figurines works on geometry and landmarks in space, cooking makes math work, building your own toys makes people discover science and techniques ...

Making posters in stickers Poppik develops children's knowledge on all subjects ( astronomy , history , botany, dinosaurs, etc.).

# 2. Expressing your emotions

Creative activities such as drawing, writing or coloring allow us to express our emotions. Doing a manual activity is indeed a very simple way to give free rein to your imagination. This is the reason why some psychologists use drawing to help the child to express himself. The drawings are an excellent support for discussion with children!

# 3. To clear the mind

Manual activities require focusing on creation without thinking about anything else. It's a fairly simple way to put your brain on hiatus away from the constraints and responsibilities of everyday life to fully enjoy the present moment. They allow us to drive away the stress of everyday life and improve our mood. In short, they make us happier.

# 4. Being confident in one's self

Creative hobbies allow you to create pretty things with your ten fingers, to go beyond your limits and to become aware of all the resources that we have within us. Creative hobbies allow you to marvel at the resources that you discover in yourself. We see ourselves capable of making an object, we go beyond our limits effortlessly, we discover unsuspected talents. We are filled with pride to have done, whatever the outcome.

# 5. Take care intelligently away from screens

Are you looking for an idea to take children off the screens? Manual activities are made for them: they will occupy their hands and their brain at the same time, and they will even forget the screens. A word of advice: save a small space in the house for creative materials. Collect in this place the scissors, glues, pencils , colored paper, recycled cardboard, etc ... Children will be able to make their own creations, in their spare time.

# 6. Develop artistic sensitivity, imagination, creativity

By practicing creative hobbies, we confront the beautiful. We play with shapes and colors. By following a model made by a talented artist, we enter his world and work on his artistic fiber ... And by making his own creations, we free our imagination, we invent our own world ...

# 7. Create link

Manual activities are quality time for sharing. Children love to create with their hands and share this experience with their parents or with other children. There are aujourd ' hui such a variety of ' hands-on activities that require more or less patience, dexterity and concentration. A word of advice: identify the ones that appeal to your children and make the most of this moment!

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