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Done By Deer - Silicone stick & stay plate, Elphee
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Brand : Done by Deer 

Origin : Demark 



Elphee is ready to make eating fun! The stick & stay plate with two practical compartmets 

will stay in place and help little eaters master their eating skills.

Press the plate down and it will stick to a smooth surface with natural suction preventing 

little ones from pushing, tipping, or throwing it. 

An easy-release flap is hidden behind Elphee's ear.

The rounded inside edges of the plate help little eaters 

scoop up food while learning to eat on their own.

Material: 100% silicone
Care: Dishwasher safe to 100°C. Microwave safe. Temperature safe: -40°C to 230°C.
Size: 21 x 17 x 3 cm

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