Moyou - Maternity Nail Polish -DISCO PARTY (MYP8)
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Brand: Moyou - London


Mambo in the Rain is a Blue in MoYou Nail Fashion's peel off range.

Moyou peel off nail polishes combine water-based colour, high gloss and peel-off removal to create an ultra-fast, ultra-shiny, ultra-gentle breakthrough nail polish formula.


These peel off nail polish colours glide on in one stroke, dry in minutes, don't damage your nails and don’t require nail polish remover to remove. When it’s time for a new look, simply peel off the polish in one movement! No scrubbing, soaking or fussing – just a clean, healthy-looking nail.


Apply two coats and peel off when you want! Use it as a base for your stamping nail art designs for a mess free manicure.

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