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This maternity necklace emits a sweet, gentle chime and is the ideal gift for expectant moms. 

The metallic cord, exquisitely embellished with soft shimmering tassels at each end, 

is a beautiful contrast to the silver-plated pendant.
By rolling your necklace over your belly as part of a daily ritual, 

you will create an auditory memory of love and well-being for you and your baby.
After your child is born, the soft familiar melody heard during pregnancy 

will soothe your little one. You can also continue to wear your maternity necklace 

while nursing or bottle-feeding or when putting your infant to bed. 

Then, place the chiming pendant inside the Ilado lovey so baby can feel comforted and secure.


This chiming maternity necklace offers the perfect way to bond with your baby before birth. It features a delicately 

hand-hammered spherical pendant inspired by a full moon, the ultimate symbol of fertility and femininity.
Its soft tinkling sound has a calming effect on the mother-to-be and is like a soft whispering in baby’s ear.
By practicing our mother-baby bonding ritual on a daily basis, 

you will create a sound imprint of love and well-being for you and your baby.
After birth, place the pendant inside your Ilado lovey. Its soft melody will remind your 

little one of the feeling of security and well-being experienced inside the womb and 

will help your newborn to make a peaceful transition to the outside world.


Composition : PINK Gold brass

Measurements : pendant diameter: 20 mm, chain length: 950-1100 mm

LaYan Kids CluB

The Mother-Baby Ritual

To ensure that you fully enjoy the benefits of the ILADO pregnancy bell necklace, 

we have designed a simple ritual consisting of 4 gestures that you can share with your baby every day. 

Find a moment of calm, a quiet moment just for you. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. 

Place one hand on your heart and one on your belly to connect with your baby.

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