Luciole (France)
Luciole (France) - Bunny hair bands –Liberty Wiltshire nausicaa
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Original : France 


The Luciole et Petit Pois’ (… or Firefly and Little Pea’s) journey started when 

we decided to launch our first collection of 100% handmade hair and fashion accessories back in 2012.

Based in France, the collection, amongst others, 

offers a full range of hair clips designed to accessorise any outfit and for all kinds of occasions.

With time, the collection has expanded into a universe of colors and patterns. 

From Polka dots, gingham, flowery, or starry designs, using standard cotton materials 

or the more classy Liberty of London, we aim at providing the final touch to any hair style.


3 to 8 years old
Adjustable bunny bow

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